Mediamatic Amsterdão.

Mais questões sobre a dimensão da realidade virtual. Fascinante. Mas continuo a preferir a realidade palpável. De qualquer modo, esta exposição dos Mediamatic levanta questões interessantes.

"What happens to your online profile after you die? Do you want it to remain online, so friends can leave a message in your memory? Or do you prefer having it deleted, so no confusion can arise about your death? These questions are the inspiration for the new exhibition Ik R.I.P., the third in the series about self-representation on the internet.

With The Travelers, a series of death portraits by Elizabeth Heyert, coffins from Ghana, the computergame The Graveyard, 'test-dying' in a casket, the new website www.ikrip.nl and more. And with workshops Coffin for your Beloved for relatives of deceased loved ones. We are using cardboard coffins from Poland, but these cannot be bought directly from Mediamatic."

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