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Pecha Kucha Night Lisbon #6

A PechaKucha Night Lisbon vol. 6 está a ganhar a forma e já tem local e dia para acontecer. A Fundação EDP / Museu da Electricidade volta a acolher-nos no dia 13 de Maio. A organização central da PechaKucha, sediada em Tokio, tem estado imparável e já tem online um blog onde é possível acompanhar as pequenas histórias, as grandes apresentações, os cartazes e outras curiosidades das 177 cidades que já aderiram à febre das 20 imagens x 20 segundos. Entretanto o período de recepção de propostas para a próxima edição da PKN Lisbon terminará dia 27 de Março. Quem estiver interessado é só clicar AQUI para saber mais.

Depois do DIY, o SIY.

Do It Yourself, Design It Yourself, Science It Yourself.

"Culture your mother is dedicated to providing the public with an alternative approach to practicing science. together we will explore the possibilities of diyScience. will will abandon the petree dish and white jacket in attempts to develop a new set of tools for citizen scientists.
this site serves to document our experiments, the processes we develop, and the tools we create.

We begin our exploration, now, looking to the past for inspiration for the future. wild yeast has been cultured for ages to assist in bread-making (yeast makes the bread rise). the culture created is often referred to the sourdough mother and is often named after the location in which they are cultured. for example, a sourdough mother cultured in san-fransico would be called the "san-fransico sourdough"

A Can For All Seasons

Alejandro Diaz
A Can For All Seasons

mixed media sculpture in four parts
June 29 - September 29, 2005
Grand Concourse, Bronx
Photo courtesy the artist
An Installation of Four Sculptures on the Grand Concourse in the Bronx

Um trabalho de 2005 que ainda me parece muito bom.

"Alejandro Diaz's A Can for All Seasons, a light-hearted take on public sculpture, celebrates the overlap between art and everyday life. Inspired by the practice in rural households of growing plants in empty grocery-store cans, he has created four sculptural reproductions of brand-name canned goods, each representing a different type of food that is indigenous to Mexico: corn, chiles, chocolate, and tomatoes. Enlarging them to the size of outdoor street planters, Diaz affectionately observes and celebrates the practice of "making do," of using something on hand to create an aesthetic object. By transforming a small, private act of home improvement into a public gesture, he also plays off of the tradition of social sculpture, with its emphasis on using art to reconsider the world we live in.

An artist of incisive and good-natured wit, Diaz works with equal awareness of, and affinity for, contemporary culture's modernist highs and its campy lows. Yet he is less interested in specific notions of "high" or "low" than he is in observing and fueling the fluidity between the two. In his paintings, sculptures and performance pieces, Diaz often refers to American art's greatest hits. He is inspired not so much by the masterpieces themselves but by their populist proliferation through postcards, knickknacks, and other inexpensive souvenirs, as seen in his edible artwork AMOR , a black-and-white cookie based on Robert Indiana's iconic LOVE painting, or in his glitter replica of Jackson Pollock's Number 32 ."

(in the Public Art Fund, NY)


ver em caso de enxaqueca

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Apreciação: vale a pena espreitar. mesmo sem enxaqueca.


Next-Door Neighbor

Series de mini-documentários sobre vizinhos em NY. Séries reais de histórias do vizinho do lado (literalmente) em forma de BD. Os autores são a minha querida Nicole Kenney (sempre cheia de ideias, é impressionante) e o Dean Haspiel. Fiquei com vontade de fazer um 'franchising da ideia' (dito assim soa absolutamente arrepiante) para a nossa velha Europa. Mas com filme. Alguém?

'For better, and more often for worse, we all live next to someone. And we all have a Next-Door Neighbor story. With this in mind, I asked some of my favorite storytellers and cartoonists to tell their favorite NDN stories, presented here at SMITH Magazine. New installments appear every other Monday. Enjoy!

— Dean Haspiel, NDN Editor